Are you looking to change your old door locks in Singapore? Thinking about doing it yourself? You have the choice to install them yourself or you can hire an expert to install a new door lock for your home and office. Yes, it is important to purchase a quality door lock, but a lock works well only if it’s a door lock installation done by a reliable locksmith. You can find reliable residential locksmiths in Singapore offering such services. 


There are some things to note before installing your door lock: 

DIY Is Cheaper But Is It Cost-Effective? 

Now there are advantages to installing your own lock. It may possibly be cheaper as your labour is free, and the only monetary expense is your door lock. However, if you do not possess the knowledge of how a door lock works, installing a lock on your own without much knowledge about it can easily go wrong. You may end up paying more for door repair services, and a residential locksmith to install that door lock for you after all. 


Get The Right Door Lock

When you are replacing a door lock, it is best to get the same-sized door lock so you don’t have to do any more modifications to your door. However, if you are upgrading your door lock, this may lead to some drilling and cutting of your door to create the right-sized hole. This is because locks have different sizes and the existing hole already in your door may not be the perfect fit for it.  


Have The Right Equipment  

It’s quite rare that most household have the tools needed for locksmith services. There are other concerns like not having the tools and equipment needed and purchasing them will most likely cost more than hiring a professional locksmith to do what they do best. Experts have the training, qualifications, and tons of experience in changing door locks every day in Singapore including digital locks  


Have The Right Knowledge 

The advantages of hiring a professional locksmith are more than just installation. There are many steps to installing a door lock, or a door knob with lock. A professional locksmith not only examines your lock and security needs and according to their expert judgement, but knows how to choose the best door lock for your needs. You also get the advantage of experienced and reliable locksmiths by asking as many questions as you want, and they will gladly respond and assist you. 



Avoid Improper Alignment 

Sometimes home owners face issues with the orientation of the lock and they only realize it once the bolts are placed. Improper alignment is another thing that can show up if the door lock installation is not done carefully. Self-experiments of amateurs also cause the door to not lock properly as they are not experts of measuring bevel. 


Don’t Accidentally Lock Yourself Out 

Being locked out of your home or car is a horrible experience especially if you are alone when losing your keys. Don’t lock yourself out while installing a lock or the door knob with lock on the door. Many people forget to take the keys out with them while testing a newly installed door lock. 


Practise Safety During Door Lock Installation 

If you are handling drilling tools or wood cutting equipment, be sure to follow safety instructions while installing a door handle or door knob with lock.  All these acts are watchful and needs utmost care as a door is the first safety layer to your house. 


Utmost care is needed when installation a door lock, especially a main door lock since it is the first line of defense to your home. To have a better peace of mind, and save the hassle of learning it on your own, you can contact us at Little Locksmith Singapore to help you with your door lock installation and other locksmith services.   


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