Locks are most important to maintain the security of your home. And the locks are secure only when you know that the keys are maintained at their best. However, the truth is that most households are not aware of the duplicate keys that are available to other parties such as the landlord or apartment owner.

Have you ever thought how risky that is for your home? It can make your home vulnerable to any thief who gets the keys by any chance. Thus, the solution to all this is rekeying your locks after regular intervals. Rekeying the locks means changing the tumblers found in the cylinder of the locks. For the best locksmith in Singapore rekeying is not a tough job. They will do that easily and make your home a secure haven.

There are different benefits that you can derive after rekeying the locks.

Cheaper compared to lock replacement

Whether you have lost any key or have moved to a new home, rekeying is definitely a preventive measure you would want to implement. If you have to change the locks then you have to change the whole set. Rekeying services are generally cheaper than the cost of replacing locks.


Provides sense of security

Rekeying can also provide you with a sense of security. Once you have undergone the rekeying of your locks, you will not need to worry about any lost keys from the past. Some Locksmith operates 24 hours in Singapore, so as to provide you with reliable services when you need it.

Keep the current hardware

You will find that rekeying is a better idea as you do not have to change the current hardware. Changing the hardware will not only ruin the aesthetics of your home but also cost you more. Rekeying allows you to keep the same hardware and have new key to open all your lock.


Have master key

When getting your locks rekeyed, do ask the locksmith to generate a master key that will open all the locks of your home. This will enable you to have peace of mind as you do not have to carry a number of keys for opening different locks of your home. The master key will be good enough for doing that.


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