Door Lock Installation

There are several reasons why people may need a door lock installation service. It could be wanting to change your locks from a door knob lock to a door handle lock, which would require a new door lock installation, or because of wanting a new design. Door locks are often overlooked on its importance until something happens to it and people realise how integral a part it plays in our everyday lives. We have been in the door lock installation business in Singapore for many years now, and here are some things you should know regarding installing door locks:




Things To Consider Before Installing Door Locks

  1. What is the type of lock you need to install

Whether it is installing door locks for your home or for your office, it is the first thing you have to consider before a door lock installation. The type of lock you choose should cover functionality, accessibility and security suitable for the purpose it should serve. For example, choosing the type of door lock to install can vary greatly between wanting an upgrade to your security, having faced countless door lock problems with a certain brand to simply because you’ve lost the keys and only need to install a new door lock cylinder.





  1. What is the type of door you are installing door locks on

Depending on the material of the door, different type of locks will be only be suitable to install on certain types of doors. Wooden doors are the most common and thus, are the easiest to work with. But different tools or materials are needed for a door lock installation on a metal gate, or a sliding door or a PVC bifold door for example.



  1. How will the door and door lock be used

This is mostly concerning the accessibility you want to give to the users of the door. Perhaps to make it easier for children or the elderly, you might want to switch a door knob to a door handle? Perhaps make the lock stronger from a door knob push lock to a thumbturn lock that has a stronger deadbolt? Maybe the toilet door lock does not have to be fortified and can be simply a lock latch? Could it be that you prefer an electronic lock to do away with keys that can be misplaced?

Knowing how fast you may want to enter the door, and how often you use it so you could gain a less restricted access, will make the choice of what door lock you want to install easier. You may want to see our guide on how to choose door locks.




  1. Know when you should have new locks installed.

Generally, new locks need to be installed at any time that your living arrangement has changed. Any time that you move to a new home, someone moves out of your home, your lock has been damaged, or if there has been a rash of burglaries you should consider getting a new lock. To understand more about this, you can take a look at our tips on when to change your locks.



  1. Having prior experience with door lock installation

Knowing how do door locks work go a long way to helping you in your door lock installation process. There are a lot of things that one may need to take note of, so that they can avoid the common door lock installation mistakes. Each time you install a new lock, there is a procedure that you must undergo.



Every step is important, and these steps include ensuring the keys match, getting a proper measurement for the replacement lock, putting in a new latch, and installing the new door locks. You also should get rid of the rusty door locks or old door locks to replace with a new one and perform troubleshooting as needed. Of course, when it comes to door lock installation, there is much more to know than just the basic installation process.

Things to Avoid during A Door Lock Installation

While a door lock installation is something that a beginner could handle, there are a few pitfalls that they should keep in mind.


  1. Know the different types of locks and how they work.

You must understand that how different door locks are designed before you do the installation on your own. This can be easily achieved if you follow instructions that come together with the door lock set that you have purchased for the installation. It is an uncommon type of lock or its door lock mechanism is not something you are familiar with, then leave it up to the professionals such as ourselves. Either way, we are the dedicated lock professionals and we are available to answer any questions you might have.


  1. The deadbolt is the wrong way up

The lock and the deadbolt are two separate components to be installed, which have to work together. However, some homeowners commonly face the problem of not installing the deadbolt in the right orientation, which causes the door lock to malfunction. Therefore, you may find that turning the lock, does not activate the deadbolt. Most of the time, this mistake can only be caught when all the scews are already in place. It is not a disaster if this happens, but it does make someone frustrated and have to do it all over again.


  1. The deadbolt is misaligned

When a deadbolt door lock is being replaced, it is important to make sure that the deadbolt is correctly measured from the bevel. To fail to do so will result in the deadbolt not being able to go all the way through, to perfectly fit into the door jamb. It would probably be slightly off, and caught on the side of the door, rendering the door lock useless. Consequentially, this means that you would probably have to drill a bigger hole into the door jamb just to accommodate the door lock. Hwever, this will in turn compromise the security of your lock as it would be easier to open the door without a key or damage it to gain forced entry. If the misalignment is too serious, your entire door may need to be replaced.



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