Locks has been around for thousands of years. Whether it is to keep precious belongings safe or to keep criminals behind bars, there are different types of locks in use everywhere. If you ask any reliable locksmiths in Singapore, they would say that it is very important to have a basic understanding on how various locks work. You will never know when you may need to find an emergency locksmith in Singapore. Understanding how your lock works can help to hasten resolving your emergency situation when you are able to explain to the locksmith over the phone, so that they can prepare the necessary equipment pronto.

Most lock consists of two parts made up of sturdy metal parts. The first part is attached to the frame of the door at the entrance, or it is can be found on the cupboard and is typically a replacement for a hole in the frame. The second part is attached to the door in the hole named mortise. Now in the second part, there’s a heavy bolt that can slide in and out from the hole of the first part. There has to be a key to turn the bolt in and out. The interesting mechanism of lock can turn the rotational motion of the key into the horizontal motion of the bolt. But this only refers to the general locks in the market. So, let’s take a look on how some of the different locks work.

  • Combination locks

Combination locks, like its name implies, make use of different combinations to in order to unlock. These combinations are usually in the form of numbers, whether it is a combination of 4 numbers pushed down, or a number dial whereby if spun correctly at certain number points, usually clockwise and anti-clockwise, will allow you to unlock the lock.


  • Tumbler locks

Tumbler locks are more recent and famous than the earlier type. Based on the basic design made by the ancient Egyptians, you can easily find more than 500 different designs of tumbler locks. They are easy to use and sturdy. In common designs of tumbler locks you can find a sturdy lock cylinder inside an equally sturdy metal casing. Inserting proper key helps the cylinder to move in and out of casing. Otherwise the lock will fail.


  • Electronics locks

Electronics lock is the name of a vast range of smart locks. The most common feature of these locks is that the key to these locks are combinational codes based on either biometric features or the combination in the magnetic strip of the lock card, or the number combination you used through the keypad or even your mobile phone. The key code entry varies with each lock but the locking process is similar to the earlier two locks explained.


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