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With the rates listed above, Little Locksmith Singapore aims to provide affordable and competitive pricing to all its customers. The prices quoted are for works done by our team of locksmith with several years of experience. Trust that you’ll get your money’s worth as we deliver exceptional workmanship together with our wide range of locksmith services in Singapore. Whether it’s a residential locksmith, emergency locksmith, commercial locksmith, car locksmith services – we can do them all! Prices may differ depending on job complexity. Call us now at +65 6232 6602 or WhatsApp us at +65 8753 7531.

*Below is a Basic Pricing Guide- Onsite Assessment or Pictures are required for a more accurate quote.

*We have to view the photos based on the Doors/Locks that you currently seek to repair or replace, so that we can advise the best solution needed and the costing.

unlock main door lock services locksmith singapore

Unlock Main Door Lock- From $60
Replace Main Door Lock – ($180 to $250)

unlock gate lock services locksmith singapore

Unlock Gate Lock – From $60
Replace Gate lock Lock – ($180 to $250)

unlock door lock services locksmith singapore

Unlock Room Door / Toilet Door – From $50
If replacements needed – (Add $45)

unlock cabinet services locksmith singapore

Unlock Cabinet Door – From $50
If replacements needed – (Add $45)

unlock door knob residential locksmith services singapore

Replace Door Knob – From $90

Repalce letterbox key hole lock services locksmith singapore

Repalce letterbox key hole lock – From $60

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Little Locksmith Singapore strives to provide competitive locksmith services throughout Singapore. We aim to provide the most value for money and cheap locksmith Singapore rates. Our locksmith services provide long-term and effective solutions to our customers. If you need a service from us, our experienced locksmith will first assess whether you can use a temporary fix or you need a long-term fix. Based on the assessment he will provide you with options you can choose from. So, with us, you never have to worry about paying for services you don’t need as we strive to provide you with exactly what you need, with 100 percent transparency.

Affordability and competitiveness are our two main goals. So, when you need someone for unlock door lock, residential locksmith, emergency locksmith, commercial locksmith, car locksmith services at professional locksmith standards at an affordable price, then contacting Little Locksmith Singapore is the most recommended option.

In case you need a service that’s not listed on the website, you can give us a call at any time and we can send someone to assess your situation accordingly and provide you with an effective solution.

So, look for a reliable locksmith that can help you, Call +65 6232 6602 or email us at enquiry@littlelocksmith.com to find out more about our services. 

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Cheap is not always best. Finding a cheap locksmith in Singapore is easy, but what is difficult is finding a cheap, yet experienced locksmith who can provide a reliable locksmith service.

Our locksmith team are qualified professionals in all related fields such as unlock door lock, residential locksmith, emergency locksmith, commercial locksmith, car locksmith services. We keep our locksmith price affordable for all residential and commercial customers, while providing quality locksmith workmanship.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation For Your Home Services Needs. We Provide Transparent and Honest Locksmith Singapore Rates With Guaranteed Workmanship.

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Locksmith Singapore Prices For A Range of Services little locksmith singapore_wm

Locksmith’s pricing depends largely on the extent and expertise of the locksmith services you require. Most locksmiths should be able to help with residential, commercial, car and letter box locks but will charge a premium price for some services that require more professional handling. How Much Does A Locksmith Charge?

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Residential locksmith services are widely available because it is a highly sought-after skill. Breaking in locks can be easy, but as a locksmith, the most important thing is to still protect the integrity of the lock. So, How Much Is The Average Residential Locksmith Price?

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