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Residential locksmith services are widely available because it is a highly sought-after skill. Breaking in locks can be easy, but as a locksmith, the most important thing is to still protect the integrity of the lock. A residential locksmith should cover all locksmith services like repairing of locks, replacement of locks, changing different types of locks, creating duplicate keys, rekeying your lock etc.  With such a skilled services, you can expect the average charges of a residential locksmith to be anywhere upwards of $100. The price would be hiked up by almost 50% – 200% if you require an emergency locksmith services in Singapore.

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What Can A Residential Locksmith Do?

Besides your main door locks at the entrance, a residential locksmith can fix any door knob, door lock or door handle issues you may face. With those type of door locks and door knobs, a locksmith can help you with:

  • rescuing you when locked out of any door
  • rekeying services
  • unsticking stuck door locks
  • loose door handles or door knobs
  • door lock installation, repair or replacement

What is the average price of the residential locksmith services in Singapore little locksmith singapore_wm
Types of Locks A Residential Locksmith Can Help With

All types of locks operate on the same concept, and so a residential locksmith can help you with a wide range of locks. Here are some of them:

  • Main Door Locks
  • Gate Locks
  • Interior / Room Door Locks
  • Kitchen / Balcony Door Locks
  • Cabinet Locks
  • Drawer Locks
  • Door Lock Set
  • Door Handle Lock
  • Window Locks

All types of locks should not be a problem for a locksmith.

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What Housing Types Can A Residential Locksmith Help With

HDB Flats

Some residential locksmiths may only be skilled in HDB door locks. HDB Door locks usually are common mortise locks. They can also help you upgrade these locks for higher security standards, especially in landed properties in Singapore.


Other residential locksmiths may also advertise their condominium locksmith services as it may also involve duplicating key access cards and installing or replacing electronic locks.

Landed Properties

Some landed properties have a lot more types of lock to fix as different doors may require different locks or latches.

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Price List of Locksmith Services in Singapore

The pricing of the residential services depends upon the kind of work that the locksmiths do. Like for example, duplicating a key would be a different cost from the cost of repairing a door lock. Their charges also depend on the time they are called upon in an emergency. If the services are being provided during odd hours, then it would cost you more.

Here is the list of the price of some general residential locksmith services in Singapore:

Type of Service Usual Rates Emergency Rates
Unlocking Services $80 – $150 $250 – $350
Rekeying Services $80 – $150 $250 – $450
Duplicate Keys $10 – $50 $100 – $200
Lock Repair or Replacement $120 – $180 $250 – $350
Lock Installation $120 – $180 $250 – $450


The market rate of general residential locksmith services is around $150. This is neither very pricy nor very cheap, but the lock should last you decades before you have to replace it with another one.

Regardless of the cost, the more important thing is to find a reliable locksmith in Singapore instead. All that separates you from the safety of your own home is a good sturdy door lock, and sometimes a cheaper lock doesn’t necessarily grant you any huge cost savings. It is better to invest in the best locksmith services to provide better ease of mind.

However, these rates do not apply for other specialised locksmith services like car locksmiths and commercial locksmiths.

If you are in need of a change in locks or even door handle lock repair in Singapore, look for a reliable locksmith that can help you with your emergency. Little Locksmith is your reliable service provider that can help with all kinds of lock services. Whatsapp or email us at enquiry@littlelocksmith.com to find out more about our services.