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Engaging a locksmith in Singapore is something we take for granted easily since we believe we are a low-crime country. So when we engage a locksmith to help us out of our emergency lockout situations, we rarely think twice if we are hiring a reliable locksmith. The next time you may be thinking of upgrading your lock security at home, consider the following factors to find a reliable residential locksmith. The last thing you need is to have a locksmith you previously hired actually compromised your safety, or made your lock problems worse.

Important factors about choosing a reliable residential locksmith_wm little locksmith services singapore
Important factors about choosing a reliable residential locksmith

  • Make sure the residential locksmith is reputable

When looking for a locksmith, you most likely are in an emergency situation and need to find one quick. You might not have a lot of time to compare services, so the easiest way to do it is to read the reviews of the locksmith company you are looking at. Otherwise, asking for referral from a friend or relative is also ideal.

As you might be in a rush, the easiest way to search for an Emergency locksmith quickly is to search for “locksmith near me” to get the most reliable residential locksmith closest to you.

  • Check their industry experience

In Singapore, locksmiths can register for a locksmith course to be a qualified locksmith in Singapore. Depending on the programs, locksmiths would be trained in security mechanisms in homes and offices,  door lock mechanisms, how to install or fix common  types of locks and how to identify and duplicate a key. Depending on the type of locksmith services you need, it is essential to find out if the locksmith’s industry experience matches your current service needs. If there is a problem that you can’t explain like having a faulty lock or difficulty with how the lock works, you can send a picture or a video to Little Locksmith Singapore through Whatsapp.

  • Check the company associated with the residential locksmith

Since there are not licensing offices to prove that the locksmith has a no criminal background or is legally licensed to operate, we must be more wary of how to choose the best locksmith. There are residential locksmiths claiming to be working with a locksmith company but are actually freelancers. It is better to trust a locksmith that is associated with a company so that is there are any issues after the work is done, the company can be easily held liable. You can ask the locksmith for their ACRA number or call the head office to confirm that the locksmith is indeed an employee.

  • Get an official quote from the residential locksmith

Another added benefit to get a locksmith associated with the company is so that you can get a direct quote from them for the services required. Some locksmith list their prices online but fail to detail hidden costs like transport fees until the job is done and they demand payment. It is always best to ask how much does the locksmith services cost upfront. With a locksmith company, they should be able to issue an invoice which provides more assurance that you are hiring a reliable locksmith.

Little Locksmith Singapore always issues a quotation and insists that you approve it before proceeding with the works itemised clearly.

  • Be alert while the locksmith is working

When the locksmith is working on your lock, keep an eye carefully to see if there is any chance they may be doing something out of the ordinary. If taking prints of your key, or bringing along locksets and keys not in their original packaging, there may be a suspicious risk that they could be compromising the safety of your lock.

  • Workmanship Warranty

To guarantee your trust in their locksmith portfolio, locksmiths would give you a warranty period for the services they have provided you. A locksmith who refuses to provide a warranty would probably be unreliable because they are confident that the solution they implemented for you is long-lasting.

  • What does a residential locksmith do?

residential locksmith deals with security services of the residential area such as fixing common door lock problems, window locks, as well as vehicles operated by car keys. Generally, they can help you with unlock services, door lock installation, changing a conventional lock to  an electronic lock, door lock repair and replacement services.

Little Locksmith’s Guarantee_wm little locksmith services singapore

Little Locksmith’s Guarantee

We can assure you that Little Locksmith Singapore provides you with safe and reliable locksmiths ranging from residential, commercial to car locksmiths, to get you out of your predicament!

If you are in need of a change in locks or even door handle lock repair in Singapore, look for a reliable locksmith that can help you with your emergency. Little Locksmith is your reliable service provider that can help with all kinds of lock services. Whatsapp or email us at to find out more about our services.