Locks are considered one of the greatest invention of all time. It is used in many applications, but its main role is to provide security. As the time has passed, with technology advancement, more and more new types of locks are released in the market. Singapore is no different than other cities around the world. There are locksmith services in Singapore that provides for all kind of locks. These are some of the lock available in the Singapore market.


  • Padlocks:

Padlocks are the most ancient type of locks available. These locks are independent and can be removed once unlocked. In Singapore, you can come across mainly two types of Padlocks. They are combinational padlocks and key operated padlocks. In combinational padlocks, a typical number combination is used to operate to unlock the lock. The key operated locks, as its name implies, needs a specified key in order to open the lock.

  • Deadbolts:

Deadbolts performs better in terms of providing security. The deadbolt lock cannot be opened unless a key is used to unlock the lock cylinder. Locksmiths generally recommends deadbolts for main door security. In Singapore you can easily find single cylinder, double cylinder, lockable thumb turn deadbolt and other types of deadbolts.  The lockable thumb turn deadbolts are considered best for residential security. These locks can be operated from both inside and outside. So, the chances of getting locked out are much less than others.


  • Handle Locks:

These are a combination of locks which can be attached to a variety of handles. They are also common in residential and commercial places. The types of handle locks available are knob locks, lever handle locks and T-handle locks. Knobs locks are mostly used on the main door leading into the home. It employs the use of deadbolt mechanism together with the handle. Lever handle locks are incorporated locks on handles that are mostly used in the commercial industry and usually located inside the office. T-handle locks are locks that unlocks together with the lock itself when it is unlocked. It is mostly used in ATMs or vending machines, giving it an alternate named called ‘vending locks’.

  • Smart locks:

Smart locks are the newest and best addition to the list. The main advantages of these locks are that they are keyless and technically more advanced than others. Mostly used in commercial places and cars, these locks are gaining popularity in residential security in the recent years. Commonly used smart locks are mobile control locks and biometric locks. Mobile control locks unlock remotely with a controller, namely car keys. Biometric locks work with the personal signature of the owner (i.e. finger prints or palm) in order to unlock the lock.

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