Security is the main and ultimate aim of any type of lock. Whether you use a sturdy mechanical lock or a complex code lock on your house entrance or office door, ultimately you’re trying to secure your belongings and assets and the employees of your firm. But even the most brilliant locksmith also has to accept that absolute security can never be achieved without having something as basic as a lock.

Whenever it comes to locks, people generally get confused with the pros and cons of both electronics and conventional mechanical locks. Locksmiths in Singapore would have their own opinions as to which lock would be more efficient. It is better to get a vivid knowledge about how these locks work and what is good for your environment, to solve your security purposes.


Conventional Mechanical Locks:

These locks are typically key operated and has a very sturdy appearance. They come with spare keys which you keep safely at an alternate location. Besides their sturdy look, different types of mechanical locks have been trusted best for residential security and commercial security. But the main con of these locks is that, if in the event that you lose your set of keys, you may need to replace the locks and install a new set. In fact, as these are metal locks, well-seasoned thieves sometimes may use acids to melt them so as to gain access. These locks are good but not totally fail proof.


Electronics locks:

Modern electronic locks for the majority are based on codes, biometric or even facial recognition. For these locks the code, biometric or face is the key to unlocking the way. Electronic locks are known to store information within so that the owner can track access information of the household. Also, you can monitor the locks through your computers and smart phones as they are connected with these gadgets. So, it is easy to monitor the locks and respond in event of burglary or security breach.


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