With the constant improvements in technology and science, improvements in safety and security systems are inevitable. So it can be easily concluded that the field of locksmith is changing and expanding day by day. So, a locksmith today can only repair a door lock, he must be able to handle security systems and set a new one. When you’re looking for locksmith service in Singapore, you have to specify what kind of service you’re looking for as there are many. Locksmiths in Singapore charges different price for different services. You definitely need to know about all the locksmith services in Singapore. Here is a list of the varieties locksmith services available in Singapore.

  • Emergency locksmith services:

Emergencies are unavoidable sometimes, even when we are careful. Imagine being stuck outside your house after a long day at work due to a faulty door lock, it can be a devastating situation. But in times like this, a reliable locksmith that can provide emergency services to help you out with unlocking the door lock would be a life-saver.


  • Residential locksmith services:

Residential locksmith services are the basic service that all locksmiths should have. A good locksmith should have mastered the basic locksmith skillset to handle such cases. There are common situations in which locksmiths are contacted for this service, such as being locked out of home, faulty door lock or to install a new door lock. This means that common residential locksmith services include unlocking door locks, rekeying and lock repair in Singapore.


  • Car locksmith:

If your car lock system is malfunctioning or you lost your car keys, you may need the help of these highly expert locksmiths. Car locksmiths in Singapore are few in numbers. They are highly expert in car security systems, and are trained to install a new system, or make spare keys for your car security systems.


  • Commercial locksmith services:

When it comes to providing a reliable security system for documents and building security, commercial locksmiths are experts for handling them. Whether it is setting up a new security system, or electronic door lock system, it can be easily done with expert commercial locksmiths.


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