Technology is changing and there is evolution in almost everything we see in life. Due to recent advancement, innovation in locks too became possible such that now there are electronic locks replacing tradition lock and key. For electronic locks, there’s even the use of required app and you can get access to the electronic lock, even from when you are not at home. Naturally, they are the smart option for having smart doors, but you must know certain facts about them before you finally get them installed by Reliable locksmith in Singapore.


Few facts about electronic locks

  • Electronic locks require assistance from electrical current for locking or unlocking the door. They have automation feature that allows the user to use them even from a distance. Electronic locks have been in use for cars for some time now.
  • In traditional locks there are pins and tumblers, where the keys are used for opening the lock. For electronic locks there are “actuators,” that connect the cylinder or the bolt to a small motor that is buried under the frame or door itself. An electric impulse controls the motor and that can be triggered by a keypad, an electronic card reader, or a remote-control sensor. Once the actuator gets the correct electronic signal it will unlock the lock. The locks are actuated in either of two different ways. Fail safe or fail secure.
  • A Fail-safe lock will open on the doorway in case of any power outage. A fail-safe lock works like this: the electric current keeps the door locked and when the power is removed the locking mechanism stops. It is good for such buildings where there are many visitors. In the event of any emergency they will open and allow exit.
  • A fail secure lock on the other hand is different from a fail-safe lock. The electric current is required for retracting the bolt. In the event of an electric failure, the bolt will be in locked position.


Getting access through electronic locks

You can get access to these locks in varies way. This include using any authentication token, using access code, biometrics and remote-control devices, depending on the type of electronic lock used.

There are different locksmith prices for handling different locks in the event of an emergency. It will be required when different accessing methods of opening the locks are not operating.

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