Locked doors denotes safety and shows that your home, car or lockers are safe from any kind of intrusion. But sometimes a locked door can be a reason of worry and you may have to approach an emergency locksmith Singapore so that the locked door is opened. However, sometimes knowing certain tips and tricks for opening the lock yourself can also save yourself some money and time. Thus, here are certain tips and tricks that will help you when a door is locked and the key is not with you.




Locate your spare key

If you already have a spare key in another location, that’s great! You could have left your spare key with a loved one, your neighbor, or perhaps tucked away in a hidden spot. You may also request the building’s security or a higher authority who may have a master key to assist you.

However, if you had not kept a spare key available near you, perhaps it would be best to make arrangements for it the next time. To unlock your door, contact a locksmith near you to rescue you, preferably an experienced commercial locksmith. Otherwise, you could try picking the lock yourself as explained below.


Different methods of picking the lock

When you are  not yet desperate enough to call a reliable locksmith Singapore, you may want to spend some time learning how to pick a lock. There are different methods of picking a lock, but first, understand how your home door lock works.


  • Single pin picking is the most common technique for picking the lock. This is best for opening tumbler locks but are good for other types too. In this general approach you have to use a pin that has to set in such order that can clear the plug inside the shell. In order to try this trick you have to know what is happening inside the lock.


  • Sometimes along with single pin picking you can try raking. In this process the pin is scrubbed in different ways so that the lock opens by combination of both luck and skill!unlock-door-service-single-pin-little-locksmith-singapore
  • The best way to rake the lock is by pulsing. It is the technique where you will repeatedly apply and release the pressure on the wrench. While doing that keep feeling the changes that is occurring inside the pin setting. You may have to change pins to get this technique best way.

In order to try out any picking method it is necessary that you have the right tool handy. Also practice makes perfect! However, most people just want a convenient solution and prefer to leave it to the professionals.


If you are in need of a change in locks or even door handle lock repair in Singapore, look for a reliable locksmith that can help you with your emergency. Little Locksmith is your reliable service provider that can help with all kinds of lock services. Whatsapp or email us at enquiry@littlelocksmith.com to find out more about our services.