Door hinges, locks, handles, and other parts are responsible for several door problems that may occur at your home or the workplace. As one will be using these door parts regularly, you will face problems in these areas down the line someday.

The problems related to doorknobs will escalate with time. One can face serious consequences if they ignore the door knob condition. If you want to get door repair services provided by a professional, Little Locksmith Singapore can also afford this service at an affordable locksmith price in Singapore. We provide a range of door lock repairs and hinge replacements, easily available 7 days a week, by contacting our locksmith. We operate islandwide and will be able to get a locksmith that is near you quickly.




Common door lock problems that require attention 

  • The body of the lock contains several components that are movable. Every part of the lock must work smoothly to work optimally. Most of the time people face door lock problems when it gets loose and it’s not working properly. If the door knob is still in a good condition, a tightening of a screw is all that is needed. Otherwise, it would be a good opportunity to  change door knobs. If you do not know how to replace a door knob, our locksmith services can easily be contracted.
  • If the door lock is not installed properly, then it will be misaligned and it can lead to several door lock issues. This type of door lock issues needs to be addressed immediately. If you don’t know how to change a door knob, you can look for a professional residential locksmith.
  • If the key is broken and stuck in the lock then you need to repair it immediately. This type of problem causes a lot of challenges because it is going to affect other components of the lock as well. Sometimes you will have to change the entire lock if the problem escalates. Only a professional knows how to fix a door knob that a broken key has been stuck in.



  • You might find your door knob stuck in a locked position as the locks got jammed. It could be due to a misaligned latch or that there has been a build-up inside the door lock that is causing friction. If this happens regularly, a locksmith will have to replace the door lock and door knob.
  • You might encounter two major problems with your key and door lock.
  • When you enter the key into the door lock, but it refuses to turn the lock, or
  • After inserting the key, the lock turns but the door remains unlocked. There must be something wrong with your door lock mechanism and you can expect that a locksmith could troubleshoot your door lock problems for you. 


Tips to repair door locks 

  • Many people make the common mistake of installing the doorknob improperly. While installing the new lock, make sure it is in the right orientation to avoid a misaligned bolt and latch. Part of our locksmith services include the common wooden door lock replacement.
  • After you install the door lock you need to perform some door lock repair tests on the lock. Always keep the keys with yourself to avoid locking yourself out by mistake.
  • While installing the door knob it is very important to follow the detailed instructions on the door lock repair kit. Any type of negligence will increase the probability of making common door lock installation mistakes.


Want someone else to take care of your door lock problems instantly?

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