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Different locksmiths have different prices and offer different types of locksmith services. As not many locksmiths can offer all 4 types of locksmith services, choosing the best locksmith can be quite a task itself. The locksmith prices in Singapore also vary from one company to another. A more professional service required from a premium locksmith would command the highest price. A premium locksmith would definitely give you more guarantee, but even for an affordable locksmith, there are a few things we should expect from a locksmith in Singapore.

Things that you should expect from a locksmith company in Singapore little locksmith singapore_wm
Things that you should expect from a locksmith company in Singapore

Following are the list of the expected services and facilities from a locksmith company in Singapore:

  • Reputation: As locksmiths have to deal with sensitive material, their reputation matters the most. When looking for a locksmith in Singapore, you should check out the reviews to gain a customer’s perspective on the locksmith services provided.


  • Professionalism:A premium locksmith charge higher prices because of the professionalism they posses. Profesisonalism consist of these accumulative factors: expertise, experience and customer service. Professional locksmiths carry around with them professional locksmithing tools and their experience helps them to accomplish the task quickly.  A professional locksmith would also include good customer service in case you need a follow-up.


  • Transparent Prices: All good locksmiths should be able to provide you with an upfront quotation of the services you require. Little Locksmith Singapore would normally ask for a picture of the lock you are facing a problem with, to confirm what the locksmith service will entail. As such, we can quote you a nett price with no hidden costs.


  • Final Invoice: Customers are most afraid of paying for services not knowing if it will be different from the final price, especially when a locksmith cannot give a clear, direct quote and insists on coming down first. In the end, you might be charged for additional costs that were not explicitly explained at the start. Little Locksmith Singapore makes it very clear what are the charges involved, and informs the client of any incidental charges that may occur. Only when the customer agrees to it, will the locksmith service required be carried out.


  •  Services offered: There are different kinds of locksmiths that offer a certain set of locksmith skills. For example, a car locksmith can not perform the duty of the commercial locksmith. So you should always be careful about the kind of locksmith that you hire. A more professional company would house different types of locksmiths so they can provide a complete suite of locksmith services.


What are the different kinds of services that are provided by a locksmith company little locksmith singapore_wm
What are the different kinds of services that are provided by a locksmith company?   

A reputed locksmith company offers the following locksmith services:

  • Car locksmith services:A car locksmith is usually needed for some emergency services that are related to automobiles like cars, lorries and trucks. Most car locksmiths could only unlock cars of older models where it is not purely electronic key fobs.
  • Emergency locksmith services: Such locksmith services are needed at odd hours of the night or every early mornings, outside of business hours.
  • Residential locksmith services: Typically dealing with lock security issues in a home. Simple lock mechanisms like mortise locks of HDB flats can be easily achieved with a residential locksmith. Finding a reliable locksmith is key.
  • Commercial locksmith servicesLike a residential locksmith, a commercial locksmith can do that and with other more upgraded security standards to protect businesses.

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