Is it almost time for you to move into your new home? Or perhaps you have been meaning to fix a loose door latch or knob? Then surely the one thing on the top of the list will be to ensure your security and get it done. But while this task might sound simple, there are simple mistakes people make while installing locks, like:


Being cheap

Let’s begin at the root issue of it which plagues many. Cheap locks might seem not a big deal, especially if you think you live in a safe neighborhood as such. But always remember that the cheaper the lock, that much easier it is for burglars to pick them. So to ensure security, make sure that you buy a professional grade lock, or even look into the type of door lock that provides you more security like a heavy deadbolt or smart digital door locks.

Measuring right from the bevel

Know something important- that your door will refuse to close correctly if you fail to measure it correctly to angle the door lock straight. To prevent this, make sure to measure it right from the side of the door which isn’t beveled. Installing the door lock even slightly less straight will not allow the lock to completely pass through to lock the door securely.

Not Orienting the New Lock correctly

Many homeowners place the brand new deadbolt or door knob improperly, but they only realize this after the screws have been put in. So make sure you are looking at the correct orientation for the lock, or you may be locking your door the opposite way!

Misalignment of the New Lock

If you are planning on replacing a deadbolt door lock, then you must first ensure that the deadbolt is aligned perfectly and correctly. Failing to comply with this could result in you buying a new door. To prevent such issues you can call in a locksmith service for secure, easy and safe lock installation.


Going digital

Digital locks are the future and there’s no doubt about that. They are also a great security solution as well, but not everyone knows how to properly install them. People don’t consider the fact that the installation process might be difficult and ultimately end up having to call an emergency locksmith to fix the issue. But if you want a fancy system, then getting a locksmith for this lock installation from the beginning itself is advisable.



Ignoring the weather factor

If you are putting on the door lock on the front door then you should take into consideration the weather conditions of the place. This is because extreme weather changes can make doors warp which will make locking them really difficult. If you live in such conditions then opt for weatherproof door locks which don’t need batteries or push button codes to operate.


Drilling Holes improperly

If it’s time for the door to get new saw holes, then begin from the inside and then look for the drill on the other side. Only when you begin to see the peeping out, you should stop drilling and then switch sides to continue the process. This will ensure that there are minimum damage and splintering to the door.

You don’t need to freak out over the issues as they are pretty common. Even if you have committed these mistakes there is a simple solution to it all- getting the best locksmith in Singapore to fix it all. Learn more on the types of locksmith services in Singapore for your door lock needs.  For this purpose, Little Locksmiths company is ideal. They are trustworthy, reliable and come with a team which is trained and experienced in dealing with all possible situations.


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