Security of your home must always be a layered system. In serious cases, this consists of the motion sensors, panic buttons, fire and burglar alarms and many more. But the first line of defense will be the first lock that gives entry according to most locksmiths in Singapore. Here are some tips on when you definitely need to change your locks.

Whenever you are changing your apartment or moving into new house

People will argue that changing locks after moving in a new house is ridiculous but it is necessary. As you never know who stayed there before you and whether they might have a duplicated key. If you own the new house, this would be a simple solution of changing the locks with your own set of keys. However, if it is a rented apartment, it may be a little bit more tricky. You could buy an extra gate lock to secure the gate, even if the previous tenant has a spare door key. Another tip is to secure the deadbolt when you are home to prevent any intruders.

If you lose your keys

Of course you have spare keys and if you lose the original ones you can still get inside your home. But for your own security, you really do not want that any stranger or evil intruder get access to your home with the lost keys. Whenever you lose your keys, the best thing to do is to have your locks changed, especially when you know there is a chance the stolen or lost key can be easily traced to its location. Then make a new set of spare keys. Contact a 24hr locksmith service in Singapore regardless of when you lose your key and need to change your locks ASAP.


If your door locks are old enough

This is a very common condition for anyone. People when get used to with something, and then they really want to keep that as it is. Same is applicable with the locks. You will fight with the old and rusty locks every time locking and unlocking it yet will never think of changing it. But this is a very common sign of leaving your home unsecured. It is better to renew the locks or upgrade to a digital or smart lock, than invite an accident or burglary to happen as per the key smith in Singapore.

There are other possible reasons like if you’ve broken up with your partner or you have faced any threats recently. Or even your door locks are malfunctioning. People will find funny that you’re changing the door locks after a bad break up. But as the people of 24hr locksmith service of Singapore say, you never know the intention of anyone who has ulterior agendas.

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