Common car myths may make us doubt the safety of our cars. Safety is the top priority of each individual to every aspect of life. Cars are no different, we will always want to secure the safety for ourselves and our love ones. There are many myths regarding the safety and lock system of cars however it is important to know the truth behind them. According to our dedicated car locksmiths in Singapore, several myths do exist about car lock and safety measures, so we feel that there is a need to debunk these myths so as to give you a peace of mind. Here are some very common myths in the list below.

# 1. Having a modern engine lock system is fail-safe

A very popular myth among car owners that if you lock your car with the car key signal, it is impossible to break open to enter the car and drive away. This may be true in the earlier decades, but it is not always that case. It is easy to get inside a locked car these days with the advancement in technology. There have also been recent cases whereby car thieves making use of proximity signalling to unlock the owner’s car, all with the help of a simple signal device. Automobile companies are now using electronic locks for engine of the car based on the biometric features of the owner or the combinational codes set by the owner himself to try and prevent the thief from driving off the car.


# 2. Dismantling a car lock takes special tools and equipment

This is also another one of the very popular myths about car locks. We talked about how using a signal diversion tool could help unlock a car through close proximity, but that same tool can also be applied to prevent the car alarm from going off, while removing the car lock would only need very basic engineering tool when the signal is off. According to reliable locksmith’s sources in Singapore, it is mentioned that with the recent advancement in technology, security has also been rapidly improving, especially for cars. So, you can be sure that your car is highly secured at all times.


#3. A slim jim can open a car lock

A slim jim has many uses, but unlocking a car is definitely out of its job scope. This used to be true for older model cars. You can check with any car locksmiths, and they can tell you that with technological advancement improving cars, slim jim has been made obsolete. So, you do not have to worry about your modern car being break into.


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