There are many unexpected situations where you might not be able to unlock the door with its key or if you are missing the key altogether you will need a way to open your lock. Perhaps there is not a door unlocking service near you. Bump keys are a wonderful tool for these scenarios. You can buy a bump key online or make your own by taking any key of a similar build and filing it down so that the peaks and grooves are of equal size. Filing down the tip of the key can also help you fit it into various locks. This might work better than bobby pins, but it depends on how you use either tool.

Unlocking a door with a bump key will require two separate tools. The bump key itself and a rubber mallet. The final move of banging the rubber mallet onto the bump key will be what unlocks the door. If you don’t own a rubber mallet (because who really does?), look for anything that could deliver a strong but non-damaging blow to the door lock on the bump key like a thick soft cover book


Step 1:

After you have filed down the bump keys as stated above, slide the bump key into the door lock slowly as you feel for the key peaks that are falling into the spaces of the lock. You want to steadily push in the bump key so that it can fully fit into the lock like it belongs there. You would know you need to redo it when your bump key meets resistance and cannot go further into the lock. If you are new to using a bump key this may take a few tries before you get it right.


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Step 2:

Once it is almost all the way in, hit the bump key with the rubber mallet or equivalent until you feel the lock give way. You basically want the lock’s top row of pins to be lifted up to disable the locking mechanism. When you feel this is the opportune moment, quickly turn the key to unlock the door. The combination of holding the key in the right position, hitting it and turning it must be done in a precisely timed way. A few practice runs are usually all it takes to learn how to unlock the door.


Where To Get Bump Keys

The easiest way to get a bump key is online, as ethical locksmiths will not make them for you. A lot of sites will sell them in sets of the most commonly used key types. The success of the key and how long it lasts will depend on what metal it is made out of; lighter metals break down more quickly and can sometimes get bent and caught in the lock if they are hit too hard. Bump keys are usually sold in a set because no one bump key is a one size fits all for different types of door locks. The more expensive locks actually tend to be easier to use with a bump key because they are made of harder metals which conduct the force better. It is an easy to learn and cheap way of breaking into most door locks.


Skip the pain of having to learn how to unlock the door yourself if you are in an emergency.

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