Is a door inside your home not cooperating and has refused to unlock or it feels jammed? You might want to try jimmying it with a dispensable card made of strong material. Many other articles have detailed how you can use this method to break into a door, but fail to mention at the start that this only works with doors that have a slant edge or retractable deadbolt. You would know if you can lock your door before closing it, or if you have to twist and hold the door knob or handle, for the deadbolt to stay put.

If the door lock you are tackling fits the bill, then continue reading on how to unlock a door with a card. Just ensure that this card doesn’t serve much value, as this action requires some serious bending.


Credit: WikiHow

Step 1: Position Your Card

Try to slide your card into where the deadbolt meets the strike plate. Try to get it as close as possible so that when in the next step, you will be able to push the card to cover the head of the deadbolt.


Credit: WikiHow

Step 2: Angle Your Card & Push It In

Upon completion of the first step, you will need to angle your card, since keeping in mind that, the deadbolt had a slanted edge to it. You will need to line the card up so that it is perfectly aligned to where the slanted edge will appear. Your card would cover the entire lock and the door lock’s dead bolt will then be pushed back into the door frame.

Maintain a good grip on your card and follow through the next step.


Credit: WikiHow

Step 3: Push On The Door Hard

This is the part that will produce results. You’ll have to do two things simultaneously. Whilst leaning into your door to loosen up the deadbolt from the grasp of the strike plate, you’ll have to bend the card back and forth to try and get the card to slide into the gap and have it cover the deadbolt completely, to push it back and free your door lock.

What if you are still unsuccessful?

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