Usually a jammed lock does not happen suddenly and unexpectedly. It usually gives off a few warning signs – until it is too late, it gets jammed and you’re stuck outside of the door.

First, it’s important to know the main causes of a jammed lock:



Old Key – One of the main issues of a jammed lock in not on the lock itself, it is actually on the key, before diving into more options check if your key is not in bad shape or broken inside the lock, that can save you a long time in the fixing process. If your key is broken inside the lock you may need to change a new lock or have a unlock door service to help remove the broken key in lock.



Rusty Lock – If your lock is rusty and jammed, you will need to lubricate it properly. If it doesn’t work, then it requires the jammed lock to be replaced and we advise to have professional locksmith with this task. A lock can also get jammed by grime and dirt if is not in use for a long time or exposed to natural elements. The procedure would be the same in this case.


Exposure – Exposure to different temperatures, climates or elements can also be a factor to your faulty door lock. These elements will cause the door lock to contract and expand, leading the door lock to misshapen or lose its integrity over time. If the door lock appears to “feel loose” or not as responsive to your key anymore, you might want to call a locksmith to see if he can replace the door lock cylinder or to replace the door lock completely to give it new life.



Keycard/Automatic Doors – automatic and modernised doors are getting popular over the years, these locks are more complex and if the reset procedure does not work you should call a locksmith immediately, since there is not much to do without specific tools and knowledge.

Now let’s see what are the ways you can unlock the door by yourself:


If the key cannot be inserted properly: You can start using silicone thread lubricant to help insert the key if that’s not helping you can also experiment putting a small piece of graphite in the keyhole and turning the key a few times.



Check the deadbolt: Sometimes the jammed door lock is due to a misaligned dead bolt. Check if the deadbolt is in the correct position. You can use a Phillips Screwdriver to tinkle with the door lock and see if you can push it back to place.

If you manage to unlock the door, the next step is to try and prevent it from happening again. Removing the plate, adjusting the strike plate and screws back and try opening the lock again, sometimes that sets the whole lock in the right place. At this point, you may consider replacing the lock with a new one.

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