Home security should always be of primary importance. Protecting yourself and your possessions should always come first. To ensure that you remain safe, you need to install high security and modern locks in your home. These huge security locks range from double cylinder ones to electronic ones. But once installation gets done, people rarely pay anymore attention to it and so with time, a security risk develops. To correct this situation, you need to employ a door lock repair service. But before that, you need to understand the signs which point towards a broken door lock:



Suspicious functionality of the door latch

This can be due to misalignment or improper locking of the door latch. This will enable the door to close sometimes, but that also leaves plenty of opportunities for a burglar to enter your house. If you notice that the door latch isn’t aligned well and doesn’t click in position, then it’s time to time to call for lock repair. In its most serious condition, if you are already facing problems with locking and unlocking the door lock, it may be time to find a locksmith service to repair it.



Experienced a break in recently

If you have been victims of burglaries and break-ins, then it’s really time to replace the locks on your doors. Sometimes burglars force their way in while damaging your lock, or they manage to pick your locks which means it’s time for a more secure door lock.  Consider the different types of door locks for your next installation. Learn of other situations on when you may want to change your lock

Difficult door locks

If you find your digital door locks functioning slowly or find that there is a delay in how the key turns in the lock then it could be a sign of attempted burglary. This slow responding time could be due to someone kicking in the lock and using brute force to bring about forced entry. But it could also be deliberately done by entities who want to make the lock weaker over time as they know how your lock at home works. They can use tools to deteriorate the lock without leaving any trace of it.

You see noticeable wear and tear

Locks over time go through a lot of wear and tear which happened due to human use as well as natural elements. These worn out locks become rusty and begin sticking, which makes the whole process of opening and unlocking the door really time-consuming. But it’s not just that your door will be difficult to open, you will also be in a security risk as old locks are easier to pick and break. To prevent your lock from deteriorating, check out how to maintain your door locks for a longer lifespan.


Lost or stolen keys

If your keys get stolen or lost and there is a good chance someone could trace the key to its location, then it is important that you change the locks on your door as soon as possible. This is because stolen or even misplaced keys lower the effectiveness of home security by 90%.

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