We have found ourselves in a situation where we were locked out before. Be it lost keys, damaged door lock or a breaking your key inside the lock, it is always a frustrating encounter. No one likes being locked out with no means of saving themselves other than availing a locksmith service. You might be reading this article because you’ve just recently been locked out, and learnt a heavy lesson. The tips here may not be groundbreaking, but it would be helpful to be reminded of them again.

Tips to Prevent from Being Locked Out

The following are tips to prevent from being locked out in case the original key gets lost:



  • Have a duplicate key

If you are prone to locking yourself out many times, make sure the next time you go duplicate your key, you duplicate a few sets, so you can stash it your car, in your office, in each of your multiple bags, your wallet or with your neighbours or loved ones. So that the next time you are without a key, you will have multiple spare key options to run to.



  • Find an alternative hidden entryway

If you are able to, find a way to conceal an unlocked entryway that only you would know, so that the next time you are locked out, you don’t have to fear anything – except maybe there is a chance a burglar figured it out. In which case you have provided an all-access pass for your valuables to get stolen. This might not always be possible when you live in a HDB flat though, so the next tip might be the most feasible.



  • Install a digital door lock

Eliminate the need for keys so you don’t ever have the opportunity to lose them again and lock yourself out for the umpteenth time. A digital door lock only needs a passcode to open, or activated to unlock from your phone. However, if you happen to forget the code or your phone ran out of battery, you could call another relative who has access to this door lock too. Otherwise, the last resort would be to make another expensive call to the locksmith and possibly destroy your digital door lock in the process. This is unlikely to happen in most cases, so you should be fine. A digital door lock does seem to have more benefits than a conventional door lock.


Though a locksmith service can be expensive since you will witness how they can unlock your door in minutes, you are paying for a highly valuable skill that would take many hours of practice. Furthermore, the urgency of your services put you in little position to bargain. However, you might be motivated to learn how to do it yourself since it will empower you the next time you find yourself locked out again.

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