So you have a new home and have just begun to bring in the furniture. Before you go any further, you might want to think about getting the right lock for your home. This is important to ensure that both you and your belongings always stay protected. This decision involves a lot of thought, but here are some ideas on choosing the right lock.

What Lock is Right for you?

More or less every door comes with similar features. Both the material of the door and the type of door lock are important in determining how strong it actually is. You may want to read how does your home door lock work to get a better idea. For any door lock installation or repair, you are bound to need a locksmith. In the case of your front door locks, there are usually two types of locks typically used in HDB flats and condominiums in Singapore.



  • Mortise Locks (HDB): Mortise locks consist of two parts where the main part of the lock is actually bored deep into the side of your front door. This is the only type of lock that is attached to your door on the inside. This is commonly found in most homes in Singapore.




  • Latch bolts (Condo): These are those bolts where the spring-loaded mechanism is used. They are also beveled. The spring used alongside the latchbolt keeps the bolts extended unless an external force is used to turn the handle of the door.


What features should you look for in locks?

Deadbolt and latch locks are fine, but homeowners tend to look for a variety of features in lock that includes door lock design, level of security and the way it works to suit their needs and lifestyle.


Door Lock Design

Some people are content with the door lock that comes with the front door. All they want is to replace the door lock cylinder so that they have the only keys to the house, and not previous homeowners or tenants. However, some homeowners would be particular about their door lock design if they like their front door to have a little bit of personality. Some door lock designs come with fancy door knobs or antique brass door handles, or perhaps with special functions like a digital door lock that has biometric functions.




Level of Security

High-security locks come in a variety of sizes and shapes, like anti-drill locks: These locks come with saw resistant bolts. These bolts come with anti-saw pins which makes it hard for the deadbolt to be sawed through. Along with this, hardened steel chips are also placed inside the casing of the lock that falls right in the path of a drill, thus damaging the drill.




Door Lock Mechanism

Some people would consider how the door lock works to their advantage in making their lives easier.

Some people might have some trusted friends and family members whom they would like to give access to their house – perhaps if they are overseas quite often – so instead of duplicating multiple keys, installing digital door locks and giving out individualized passcodes would work better.

Perhaps small kids or the elderly need to open and close doors easily, so door handles instead of door knobs are installed for easier access to the front door.

Some people would prefer to cut the hassle of having to lock the front door everytime they leave the house. So, they might prefer installing a night latch lock that will automatically close doors behind them for ease.


Locksmith services you should expect

If you are looking at hiring a locksmith service, you might already have in mind to change or repair your locks. Before hiring a locksmith service, be sure to know what your real door lock problem is, so that you can get the most direct quote from the locksmith you call. Here are some tips on when to change your locks. When choosing the service for door lock installation, you must know what to expect and there are some factors which you should keep in mind:




  • Time period: From the moment of booking their service, you should wait no more than a day for their locksmiths to arrive for the lock installation or for putting in the needed replacement door locks. Most locksmiths, however, should be able to come within the day, between half an hour to an hour from your call.


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    • Knowledge: Let the locksmith service know about your problems and make sure that their staff can handle the matter. Also, a sure sign of a prepared staff is if they arrive with their vans or vehicles fully equipped with the tools. Trained and experienced staff will make the whole process easier for you. Locksmiths would always avoid common door lock installation mistakes, which is why it’s more beneficial to hire them than to DIY.

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  • Pricing: Always go for competitive prices coupled with unrivaled after-sales service. Shop around for quotes from a locksmith and ensure that there are no hidden charges. Here, we let you know what is the average price you should pay for a range of locksmith services.

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