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Door locks provide maximum protection to your home and other premises as well. At times you may feel the need to replace or rather change the door locks for privacy and also improve security in your home. If you are considering replacing your door lock and you are looking for the best professionals to hire for quality services, then Little Locksmith Singapore is an ideal company to consider. Our company is fully experienced in door lock replacement services to change door lock, change door handle and change door lock cylinders that would ensure maximum security in your home. We use quality and durable construction materials to safely and effectively replace the door locks. Our locksmith prices are quite affordable and you can trust that we only offer honest and transparent quotes.


When to change a door lock

If your door lock is not functioning effectively they you need to make some repairs or replace it to enhance your home security. There are quite several reasons that may prompt you to change door locks some of which are discussed herein.

  1. Rusted or worn-out locks

You need to maintain regular checks on your door locks to ensure that they are functioning effectively. If you detect some wear and tear on the locks then you need to get immediate replacements of the rusty door locks. Rust may cause serious wears on the locks and this may make it for outsiders or visitors to easily break into your home, you, therefore, need to consider making some changes on the locks for maximum security in your home. Changing your door lock is the best way to fortify your door lock security.


  1. Lost or stolen keys

If you have misplaced your keys then you have no option but to dismantle the old locks and replace them with a new one. This would keep you home safe in case outsiders access your old door lock keys. If someone steals a copy of your keys then you also need to change door lock to prevent them from gaining access to your premises.


  1. Change locks after a break-in

If some criminals break into your home, do not hesitate to let Little Locksmith Singapore Company provide quality door lock replacements to prevent other criminals from entering into your home. When thugs forcefully enter your home, your door lock will be loose or completely damaged and you will, therefore, need to make a change door lock cylinders and the locks to enhance security in your home.

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  1. In case you get new tenants

Tenants will tend to copy keys to gain access to your premises even after they have left your houses. The best way to ensure that your premises are safe is changing or re-coding the locks.


For more tips on when to change door locks, we have them detailed in another article.

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Tips to consider when changing locks

  • Security

Your home or premise security should be the first thing to consider while changing your door locks. Ensure that the new locks provide maximum protection in your home. You also need to install quality and durable locks that are not easy to break to enhance security in your home.

  • Upgradeability

Get door locks that can easily be upgraded to better performances in the future. They should be flexible to any technological changes that would enhance their functionalities.

  • Cost

Different door locks will be charged at varying prices. It is therefore important to look out for door locks that you can comfortably afford. Our company provides quality door locks at affordable rates and you may, therefore, reach us whenever you need to replace your old locks. We provide fast, quality and professional door lock installations services that would enhance security in your premises.


The cheapest way to change locks

If you need a cheaper way of changing your door locks then you should consider the re-keying technique. It is not only a cheaper option but an effective way to improve your security system in your home. Our technicians are fully trained and can help you through every door lock installation step at an affordable rate.

  • Simply buy new door knobs and quality door lock cylinders.
  • Re-key the old door knobs and deadbolts that are already in place. If you experience some challenges removing the knobs then you may hire our professionals for quality services.
  • Re-install the new door knobs and deadbolts after re-keying. This completely changes the lock and no one can gain entry into your home if they don’t have the new door codes.


How much does it cost to change a door lock?

Changing a door lock is one of the cheaper locksmith services provided. See the full list of locksmith Singapore prices for a range of services.

The cost incurred in changing a door lock depends on a range of factors some of which includes;

  • The technique used to change the locks. If you are hiring a professional you will definitely incur more cost compared to installing the locks on your own.
  • The quality of door locks being replaced. Quality door locks or electronic door locks will be charged higher than other locks. Therefore, if your security is worth it then you need to get a quality lock that will provide maximum protection win your homestead.
  • The doors being upgraded. Usually exterior and main door locks will be charged differently since front door locks require more installations for maximum security.

Protip: If you can provide the door lockset or door lock replacement materials, our company can lower our prices to just cover labor and transport.


How to change locks

Changing locks may not be complicated as it sounds. It is a quick, cheaper and a simple process you can easily get through. Below are simple steps to quickly change your door locks.

  1. Before going to any hardware shops selling door locks, measure the length and size of your door knob. It may be better to remove the door lock first to get the most accurate measurement of the hole created in the door.


  1. Go to any hardware shops that are selling door locks, and let the salesperson know what door lock and door lock size you are looking for. They should sell different door locks of a range of security levels. However, if you are looking for a particular brand or design of a door lock, searching online might be more fruitful. Door locks usually come in a set and will come with the door knob or door handle, the door lock cylinder, a strike plate, a new key, and any screws to put the pieces together.


  1. Prepare the tools needed. You usually would require a small drill (if no holes are present, or you need to make new holes to fit the new type of lock and strike plate), a screwdriver in the size of the screws provide, a pencil and a ruler).


  1. If you haven’t removed it yet, remove the door lock, bolt, as well as, the strike plate that is on the door frame. The strike plate is where the door lock bolt enters to lock the door.

  1. Insert all the new parts of the door lock in this order: Deadbolt, lock, strike plate. Secure everything back with the screws provided.


  1. Test the new lock to see if it’s working perfectly. If you don’t find that it operates smoothly enough, you can spray some WD40, a popular door grease, to lubricate the lock. This is also a good practice to properly maintain your door locks to help it last longer.


The quickest and fuss-free way would be to hire a professional locksmith to help you remove and change the old door lock. Here are our tips to finding a reliable residential locksmith to change your locks. If you are considering Little Locksmith Singapore, you can read our locksmith reviews here to get a sense of our reliability and trustworthiness. Our locksmith prices are also quoted nett, all-inclusive of the door lock materials, labor and transport.


If you are in need of a change in locks or even door handle lock repair in Singapore, look for a reliable locksmith that can help you with your emergencyLittle Locksmith is your reliable service provider that can help with all kinds of lock services. Whatsapp or email us at to find out more about our services.