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Installing a new door lock, replacing broken locks, and other common locks issues are what we will eventually face, and we could look at hiring a locksmith for such door lock services. However, when faced with the need for such locksmith services, we are not always the most happy to part with our money. One of the valid reasons is that you are unsure how much you should be paying for the job. You don’t need to wonder how to find a cheap locksmith near you or how to choose the best locksmith at the locksmith prices you can afford. No fear, as Little Locksmith Singapore would provide you a list of some of the locksmith services offered in Singapore and what is the price range of each service. This should give you an idea of how much it fairly costs to repair a lock or even if you must replace it. 


Door Lock Service 


Door lock service could involve changing a door lockdoor lock repairdoor lock installation or unlocking a door. Unless someone has prior experience with fixing a door, or at least, knows how a  door lock works, it is best to hire a locksmith to guarantee a professional work done. Depending on the type of locksmith services you require, there is the option to hire a cheap locksmith in Singapore by googling for ‘cheap locksmith near me’. For example, unlocking a door could cost you about $60 or so while replacing it would be nearly $180 to $250. 


Lock Opening Unlocking 


There are certain instances where your lock is stuck, and you you could try other tips and tricks of opening it without a key. Otherwise, calling a locksmith would be your only choice, and a cheap locksmith in Singapore would charge about $60 – $80. Sometimes a lock cannot be picked open, despite the locksmith’s professional efforts, or because it is a digital lock. As such, the locksmith may recommend breaking and replacing the door lock.   


Gate Lock Service 


You may not know when you need a locksmith to assist you in securing your house or office. The gate lock is the first layer of protection from any unwanted attempt or burglary. There are several cheap locksmiths in Singapore near you providing reasonable prices for your gate lock services. Unlocking your gate lock shall cost you as low as $60 and replacing the same would fall somewhere from $180 to $250. 


New Lock Installation 


You might need to install new locks either in your house or office and there are experts to help you at your door. There are many cheap locksmiths in Singapore those offer reliable services related to a new lock installation. You must expect to shell out nearly $180 which can go as high as $250 for the same in Singapore. We recommend you hire the best locksmiths at cheap prices by researching them on the internet. This is because locksmiths possess the necessary expertise to complete the task efficiently, you can also check reviews on our website how our experts work. 



Letter Box Key Hole Service 


Letterbox stays outside your house and thus attend different weather episodes that can cause rustingjamming or complete damage to the lock. It may be too old to work any further. You can consider calling a professional but cheap locksmith like Little Locksmith Singapore. They shall provide you with the needed assistance be it repairing the old one or replacing old door locks. Unlocking a letterbox starts from $50 and replacing it will depend on the type of locks. Make sure to always find a reliable and cheap locksmith in Singapore as only the good ones can be trusted repeatedly.  


Besides hiring a locksmith in Singapore, you can also consider DIY for a few of your locksmithing jobs but don’t consider taking the risk of damaging the locks and keys in over-confidence. Though it may cost you a little money on hiring a locksmith in Singapore, it also takes away all your worries about the reliability of the locksmith service. 


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